Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Keep Moving On.

Sometimes, little bombs go off in our lives.  Or the lives of people close to us.  And it's all a good reminder that... life is short.  It feels so long and bad days go on forever and bad feelings go on for even longer.  But, the truth is, life goes on.  Shit happens, man!  We can allow ourselves to dwell and be miserable for as long as we need (and eat all the salt and vinegar kettle chips we can) but life must continue.  It don't stop for our bullshit! The show must go on.  (In my circle, quite literally.)

I've been through things! I've been dragged through hell.  I have had a bad break-up or two, I have felt like I'd never trust anyone again (and then I did... and then learned it again, and then I did again!), I've made mistakes, I've... well, gone through the worst thing a young girl could possibly go through.  And, I'm alive.  I'm okay.  It sucked.  I cried.  I dwelled.  I slept... a lot.  I drank a bottle or two of wine and passed out on my best friends' couch while they hid my car keys so I wouldn't drive even though it turned out they hid my apartment keys and not my car keys so I woke up and drove anyway and just wasn't able to get into my apartment. (I love you Matt and Casey.)  But... one day (however long it took), it was okay.  And the next day, it was even better.  And so on!

We're all gonna be okay.  Things that are huge and momentous one day aren't as huge and momentous another day.  Thank God!  And it really does get easier.  It always hurts, but it gets a bit easier. And hurting is a good way to remember that you're at least alive and a NORMAL HUMAN BEING.  And then, best of all, you learn! And you move on and you grow and you suddenly have all this life experience you didn't have before, which is really great for your memoirs and your improv scenes and your smutty young adult novels.

Anyways, we're gonna be okay.  You're gonna be okay.  I'm gonna be okay.  There's always alcohol. And kittens and puppies and ADORABLE SLEEPING POLAR BEAR CUBS!  And old episodes of "Arthur" on Netflix.  And loving friends and family!  And Lauren Conrad's blog.  And the movie "Pitch Perfect."  And documentaries about sad things, like Auschwitz, to remind you that your life isn't so horrible at all.  And, well, a lot of things... so, let's keep moving on, shall we?

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Anonymous said...

I really needed this post today. Thank you :)

- a fan


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