Friday, October 26, 2012

Things to Love on a Monday

1. a creepy giraffe costume... that i kinda love.

2. i'd love to live in a mint green world!

3.  another cozy little home i'd like to live in.

4. guys, i can't stop being obsessed with purple hair.
i have ombre highlights brewing in my brain.


6. i'm sorry, but this is real cute.

7. also, THIS. he he he he.

8. ugh, fine.

9. hand printed pillows from A Beautiful Mess.

10. fall in a box. you are my fave. (is my fave.)

happy monday!
halloween is this week and once that's over... 
drum roll please... 
november 1st is like... whip out the christmas music time for me.
i'm stoked.

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