Thursday, November 1, 2012

Barrett All: The Musical

My friend Matt came up with a really fun bit that he calls, "Tony Danza plays Patty Barrett in Barrett All: The Musical" where he does an impression of Tony Danza doing an impression of me tap dancing and breaking my ankles and singing songs about my life.  It's pretty funny.

But, if there were a REAL musical about my life (which you should expect to happen soon), this would be the song list.  There are a LOT of songs in my yet-to-be-written musical.  It will be around four hours long and will be at least 60% less entertaining than, say, "Wicked" but 90% more entertaining than "The Wiz."  Though, no voice will be nearly as spectacular as Sir Michael Jackson.



Danny Is Born! Oh Wait... It's A Girl, Let's Name Her Patricia

My Mom Fell Through A Staircase With Me In Her Arms

Where Did Shadow the German Shepherd Go? 

Girl Meets Tap Shoes (A Love Song)

Swimming Without Swimmies Behind My Mom's Back

Sleepover Under The Air Hockey Table

Rubbing Plastic Privates Together (The Barbie Song)

Girl Meets Boy Meets World

Beating Up My Sister 

I'll Be A Cheerleader, Just Kidding, I'll Stick To Dancing

The Five Boys That I Love (From The Backstreet)

Instead of Patricia, We Shall Call You Patty

Becoming A Red Head 


I'll Play Soccer, Just Kidding I Hate Myself

Learning About Nazis, Lovin' It

I'm Gonna Dance Forever! Just Kidding, I Quit Because I Hate Myself

Uncomfortable In My Body (The Gap Sweatshirt Song)

I Got In To The One College I Applied To!

Doing Improv, Making Friends, Learning Lots

The Graduation Song (this will just be the Vitamin C song)

The Girl At The Front Desk (The Office Manager song)

Bad Decisions (Part 1) 

I Drank Too Much And Now My Ankle Won't Work, Why? Ouch.

Beating Up My Sister (Reprise)

Bad Decisions Part 3 (Part 2 was cut for time)

Are You The Wrong Man For Me? Get In My Bed!

Taking Pictures Of My Face And Posting Them Online

The Girl With The Crow Boob Tattoo

I Think I Have Arthritis In My Big Toe, Arthritis Has Won, I'm Dead

(The End.)

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