Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Challenge Accepted!

{my comically small yoga studio.}

Let me start this post by saying it's 3:30 in the afternoon and I have been awake since before 9am and have only eaten sour patch kids and now I'm still hungry and my mouth hurts!!

So, now let's talk about how healthy I'm getting!

Just kidding.  Sort of.  I've mentioned it before, but I have been putting 30-45 minutes aside every day to do yoga.  In 2011, I did a 21-day yoga challenge and had some awesome benefits.  I was stronger, I lost like... 15 pounds.  I had all these muscles I never thought existed and tons of energy and confidence, it was great!  But, I hurt myself doing it, so I couldn't do it every day and ultimately, I stopped doing it all together.  (My small apartment doesn't make it easy to do it at home and now I don't have the money for a membership. Life.)

But, I'm back on the saddle and it has been 11 days.  I want to share some of my reasons I think you should do yoga, or some other 21-day challenge for yourself:

1. Health benefits.  Obviously.  I have the worst bones, injuries in multiple places (shoulder, ankles, knee) and basically, I'm a walking disaster.  But moving and stretching my muscles and strengthening has already made me feel more sturdy and less like a piece of fragile china (from IKEA.)

2. Self-esteem.  I, like any human being, have self-esteem issues.  They're not terrible.  And, in general, I think I'm pretty decent!  But, I let guilt get the best of me and really knock myself down a lot, like the god damn Irish Catholic I was raised to be.  So, if I set a challenge for myself... and I don't do it, my crippling guilt will take over and I feel let down.  But, doing this challenge has done crazy things for my self-esteem!  For instance, the other day, I was really hungover.  Absolutely destroyed, depleted of nutrients, a real poor excuse for a person... but I rolled out of bed on to my yoga mat and went for it.  And pushed myself harder because I felt so bad about my hangover... and then felt great about myself, even as the disgusting human being I was that day!  And, seriously, I was the worst.  My hair was a mess, make-up was everywhere and I was pale as a ghost. 

3. Challenges change your way of thinking.  Challenging myself to dedicate a short amount of time to MYSELF has made me feel great and a little bit like Hercules.  Except a girl.  Girlcules.  It's made me want to challenge myself to other things, too, like not drinking.  Not shopping.  Not kissing randoms.  (I don't really do that.) (Unless there are any randoms out there who want to kiss... no? OK.)  It's just given me a nice perspective.  I'm all, "We Can Do It" these days. 

And, finally, being lazy has never felt quite so good.  I can be as lazy as I want, as long as I do it in plank pose! (Or fine! After.)

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