Friday, November 16, 2012

Five Highs on a Friday

{i am the comedy donkey.}
This Friday is one of those Fridays where I do need to sit aside and focus on the highs of my week.  Because in full it didn't feel like a very good week, but the little details were pretty great!

1. Some of my former/current students (and friends) graduated the training center this week.  For people like me, that's a very important day in a young improviser's life.  When I was in the training center, I was more excited and proud the day I graduated (in 2006) than I was when I graduated college (in 2008.)  In fact, I almost didn't go to my college graduation.  Who has the time?  But, it was fun and exciting and I was proud!  (Then, of course, I drank too much and blacked out.  But these are the highs of my week, not my lows.)

2. On Tuesday night, my former CEO and a couple of AMP friends came to see my House Teams show.  The night as a whole wasn't so bad - but our show, for whatever reason, just felt incredibly off and weird.  Which was unfortunate when I had people there!  But, it was super nice for them to come and it was really awesome to see them.  Especially Gary, because he's the CEO of a marketing agency... why should he go see one of his former employees perform?  Because he can be awesome like that.  (Or, just bored!)

3. Jeremy and I, while driving to a corporate show in Southbridge, listened to the entire one-woman show of Elaine Stritch, Elaine Stritch at Liberty, and I fell in love.  She's hilarious!

4. I bought two things this week that I'm very excited about: a new jacket, an army style jacket with leather sleeves that has got me such rave reviews as, "Patty, you look so urban! I don't mean like... in a bad way, I mean like... urban/city chic!" (Review courtesy of Matt Catanzano) and I also bought a new yoga mat.  My knee has been killing me while doing some moves, and I really wore down my old one and I thought I'd invest in a nicer, thicker one that wouldn't hurt as much!  I'm excited.  (It's the little things, right?)

5. Mat Dann's last AC show!  I couldn't be there, so that was a low, but DiBello and I went over there after our IA obligations (show for me, class for him) and we got to drink and have fun with our friends and make stupid videos.  And Mat got very drunk and wore my scarf and said funny things.  I'm gonna miss that little buttercup.

Have a good weekend!

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