Friday, November 23, 2012

Five Highs on a Friday.

1. On Sunday night, my friends and I had Friendsgiving.  We sat in the living room, watched TV, drank some beer, ate delicious food and then watched YouTube videos.  It was a wonderful time, and Trevor and Bryan cooked a really good meal.  Oh, also, as I was walking down the street to their apartment (with four cases of beer) my ankle went out and I toppled over.  It never ends. 

2. House Teams on Tuesday night was really fun.  An old friend Michelle was in town and it was Mat Dann's last show, so we went out and celebrated and the shows were really good.  I also invented a drink that already exists called "Patty Pineapples" that consisted of vodka, soda and a splash of pineapple juice with a cherry at the bottom.  I... drank too many.  Also, Arthur was there.  And Arthur was drunk.

3. I had a car on Wednesday thru today and it felt so good to drive everywhere and anywhere whenever I wanted!  And I took fuuuullll advantage.  God, I miss having a car. 

4. Thanksgiving and spending an entire day on the couch.  AN ENTIRE DAY.  (Until I went to Friday's at like 10pm with my sister and my friends Rob and Savage.  I had Thanksgiving margaritas.)

5. Tonight is Mat's going away party.  And I have shows.  And I bought three outfits today for not-a-lot-of-money.  And I just did yoga.  I had thai food today.  There's a cute cat on my lap purring like a lawn mower.  AND CHRISTMAS SEASON IS HERE!  Really, there's no use complaining about today.  Or this week.  

Have a good weekend! 
As a bonus, here's Roberto's terrible mustache. 

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