Friday, November 30, 2012

Five Highs on a Friday.

1.  Production began this week for the holiday show at IA.  It was fun having everyone together in one room, tossing around ideas and pitching sketches and putting another show together.  This is the FIFTH show I've done this year... so that's crazy.  But fun.  Crazy but fun... just like me.

2. The house team I direct, Huge Hands, had such an amazing show on Tuesday.  I felt higher after their show than I have after one of my own shows in a very long time.  I love teaching. 

3. I got my hair cut and god damnit, it made my week.  Hello normal length bangs!!  She also told me a trick for stripping my hair of its color (since I didn't like how black my hair came out) and it's DISH DETERGENT.  A dollop of Dawn and your hair fades fast!  Interesting. 

4. I watched Elf... which warms my heart and gets me in the Christmas spirit!  I already started writing out my Christmas shopping list for other people.  This year is going to be hard because I'm dirt poor, but it's a challenge I'm ready to handle! 

5. And speaking of challenges, I finished my yoga challenge this week and then decided to extend it to 30 days, if not more.  So far I have done 26 days in a row.  I feel strong and super confident, so... I highly recommend it. 

Have a good weekend. xo.

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