Friday, November 9, 2012

Five Highs on a Friday

A Very She & Him Christmas!

five highs:

1. Tuesday night, I watched Obama become the president again at Paddy O's.  I was actually kind of into it.  And when I saw it on the TV, I turned around and said, "GUYS! OBAMA WON!" and Trevor and Erin, who were in mid-conversation, just turned and stared blankly at me for 10 seconds, then went back to their conversation.  Eventually, Ryan showed up and someone cared about it with me... and then I made Hugo play, "A Change Is Gonna Come" and then I got drunk and made my friend Rob go to Pompeii with me to eat chicken fingers. Good night!

2. I got a manicure and pedicure and read a magazine and if that's not the most relaxing thing you've ever done, then well... YOU'RE AN IDIOT.

3. I taught TWO workshops to college groups!  I've mentioned it before, but teaching is my favorite.  It's rewarding and I love nerding out about comedy.  One of my former students hired me to teach a workshop to his old college group and they were so fun!  And one of my current students, and friend, Erin (who is on the group I direct, WNBA) brought me to Emerson to teach her improv group.  It's fun to work with different people... especially ones with different levels of experience! (A blank slate for me to penetrate!) (Their minds! Penetrate their minds!)

4. I sang "The One That I Want" from Grease with IA's musical director, Jimmy Z, at live band karaoke.  He plays in the band.  I finally got to be Sandy!  I had the leather jacket and everything. 

5. And finally, today I'm going on a road trip with my cast to perform at NACA. (National Association of Campus Activities) I'm driving "the girls' car" with Kelly, Kirsten and Brittany and I have already loaded Alanis Morisette's "Jagged Little Pill" album on to my iPhone and made a playlist that has "Life is a Highway" on it twenty times and by the end of the trip, you better believe that all of our periods will be synced up.  LIFE IS A HIGHWAY! I'M GONNA RIDE IT ALL NIGHT LONG!

The fun part of this road show we're doing is that A. it pays well and B. we're ONLY doing a rap battle.  We opened our last show with a rap battle and we LOVED it.  We have so much fun doing it.  So, now we made a new rap structure for our current show and end our Saturday midnight show with the original one.  But, it's funny... because we're an improv and sketch theater... and we have fifteen minutes to showcase our talents so that colleges will book us for future shows... and we're doing an improvised rap battle.  Six of the whitest people you'll ever meet!  So fun.  

Have a good weekend!  What are your five highs?!!?!

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Lindsay said...

So jealous. #4 is my dream. And how timely with Glee this week!



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