Thursday, November 29, 2012

Hello, I Love You.

Dear dress,

I don't normally do things like this, I swear.  Sure... it can be said that I am quite the "player" when it comes to dresses.  Sometimes I go for the cheap ones just to get a fill.  And sometimes, I invest in the better quality ones when I'm looking for more than a cheap thrill.  But, you.  No, you're different.  

I might have found you while perusing for just any-old-dress to do the trick, but sometimes, true love finds you when you're not expecting it.  I was struck by your beauty.  It's almost like you were made for me.  Like the two of us are just lonely puzzle pieces wandering the Earth, looking for the other.  

But, unfortunately, I have to live without you.  Because, bitch, you're damn expensive!  $270, are you kidding?  Talk about high maintenance! 

But, I'll wait for you.  I'll dream of you.  I'll think about you all the time, envisioning all the places we'd go together and what shoes I would wear.  There will always be a hanger with your name on it... hanging securely on my heart.

Forever yours,

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