Tuesday, November 6, 2012

I'm a Mess

Yesterday, I had some down time.  A whole day off!  No shows, no classes, no nothin'.  So, I decided to use the money that I don't have and get a pedicure.  "Just a pedicure!"  I said as I walked towards the nail salon, "I don't make enough to justify a manicure and pedicure during the cold months, and I could just do a manicure myself when I get home." 

Two hours later, I walked out of the nail salon with a pedicure and a manicure, of course.  The lady loved the color on my toes so she encouraged me to get it on my fingers as well.  She also thought the super hero cobalt blue color on my fingers made me look like a kid.  Well, I couldn't look like a kid, could I?  Of course not!  

I had some time and I had to go to the mall to get a pair of headphones.  "Just some headphones!"  I said as I walked towards the train station, "My headphones are busted in one ear and since I use them frequently, they're okay to purchase, but that's it!"  

A half hour later I was in Macy's, buying "intimates" because I really felt like I needed a new bra.  Of course, the only register open was in the children's section, so I stood behind a young girl and her mother, purchasing a stuffed lion, a shiny, new puffy coat and a 5-pack of Dora the Explorer underwear while I held unmentionables.  

Another half hour later I left the mall... having completely forgot about the headphones.  

I was cold and didn't feel like taking the train, so I called my father to pick me up.  Granted, he works right around the corner from the mall and was just getting out of work... but I don't think that justifies a 26-year-old who lives in Boston calling her father, who lives in Everett, for a ride home that would take her fifteen minutes on the train and much longer via ride since it was rush hour.  Not to mention a longer ride for her father home, since he also had to drive back to Everett.  But, I got to spend some time with my dad, right?  

At the end of the day, there I sat $75 poorer.  Which, if you asked the man in charge of my finances (my boyfriend, Yoga Mat), he'd say, "You didn't have that $75 to begin with."  I didn't eat a single thing yesterday... because I had no money and the only thing in my apartment was stale Honey Nut Cheerios and sour milk. 

But, at least I have pretty fingers, toes and undergarments! 

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