Thursday, November 8, 2012

Once You Go Black

 I talk a lot about the real issues on this blog.  And real issues for me have a lot to do with my hair.  I can often feel overwhelmed and crazy and in immediate need for change, so that's why I do my hair so often... because it's immediate and it's wonderful and it makes me feel nice and good about myself, albeit briefly.  

But, I made a mistake the other day.  I went to the Christmas Tree Shop to get some hair dye (because it's cheaper and I really do love a bargain) and I accidentally got the wrong bottle of brown.  I don't know how, I always get the same brand!  But, for whatever reason, I grabbed the next shade darker.  I realized it when I got home and I thought, "Eh, it's only one shade and it's still brown."  

Well, my friends, it's black.  I was so shocked when I dried my hair that I started crying.  And the crying made my face all red, so I looked like a lobster in a black wig.  It was mortifying.  Even the cat wouldn't look at me.  (In her defense, she's a cat and probably not capable of being so disgusted by me that she wouldn't look at me.) 

But, I got over it.  It'll wash out soon and fade to a lighter brown, which is perfect.  And I probably won't dye it this dark again, so I might as well live up the significantly more "bad ass" look.  Hence the leather jacket.  That I got... AT TARGET.  #badass  

*P.s. Can I speak for a second about Instagram pictures?  I take pictures of my hair and my nails and vain things like that.  I love doing my hair and I like taking pictures of the finished work.  I know that my friends make fun of me a lot and it kind of pisses me off.  And I hear people make fun of people for putting up pictures of themselves on Instagram all the time, and that also pisses me off.  Why does it matter?  If you don't like to look at my face, or any of my other pictures, then don't follow me.  Don't look at it.  Scroll right past it.  Don't be a dick about it.  You take and publish your own pictures and I'll take and publish mine!  What I put out there shouldn't affect you in the least. I really, really hate when people put other people down for no reason.  And I refuse to stop doing something just because people have said something about it.  I'mma keep on trucking!

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Anonymous said...

I think you're gorgeous and love your pictures! Fuck the haters, Patty! Keep on doing what you're doing!
-a fan


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