Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Apartment Dreams.

The apartment that I live in now is small and cute and cheap and perfect for my current life situation.  But, my plan for the next year or two is to... get my shit together, more or less.  I want to remove a lot of clutter and live somewhere (even if it's my current place) that feels very "me" while also being simple and purposeful.  You know what I mean?  Good, because I don't.  

I just want to live like a grown up.  I want to get rid of shit that looks ugly and hang things up with frames and not like I'm a 13-year-old.  I don't want my shoe tree doubling as artwork for my room because I have no storage.  I just want things to look better and not cluttered and messy like they do now.  I'm poor but I can make it work!

i love a pallet bed and all white bedding like this. maybe with a splash of color.
and i love industrial lighting.
even a faux bear skin rug would be funny. i'd love it. 

 a frame wall and a bright non-working fireplace like this.

a bar cart and lace curtains.

 a table with mismatched chairs. 
i'd paint them all 1 or 2 different colors.
i like the red and chartreuse!

 fairy lights everywhere!

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