Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Comedy Icon: Mary Tyler Moore

Now,  we know that I love Dick van Dyke and his show... appropriately titled "The Dick van Dyke Show."  Like, a whole lot.  And I've been watching it a lot more lately (because I was on my death bed for a week) and while Dick van Dyke is an amazing performer, I can't stop admiring Mary Tyler Moore.  She's so great!  And that show is so great because the chemistry is palpable.  Rob and Laura look like they could be married in real life!  (In Dick van Dyke's memoir, he said that he was shopping in a grocery store once when he was on a different show with a different wife and a woman went up to him and hit him for cheating on Laura.)  

I also love that she's so much more than the "wife" role.  She sings and dances and performs sometimes... and she was originally a dancer before being an actress.  And she's a great actress!  Apparently, she did a whole lot of improvising in her role, too.  I appreciate people like Carl Reiner who thought it was important to showcase women as opposed to making them supporting roles.  (Also, did you know that it was scandalous for her to wear CAPRI pants on the show?! And that she made them popular in the 60's!? Nuts.)

I love Mary Tyler Moore!  She's so funny, talented and gorgeous!  And she's still gorgeous in her seventies.  I want to be her.  Or like her.  The most Mary Tyler Moore Patty that I can be. 

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