Wednesday, December 19, 2012


This post would be best read while listening to the song "What Christmas Means To Me" by Stevie Wonder.  Because if there's anything Stevie Wonder does right (aside from everything), it's Christmas songs. 

I just wanted to take a little moment to recognize my friends.  Because they're great.  And I tend to focus on the negative a whole lot... because that's what brains do.  But then I get text messages from Casey that say, "We miss you, we're talking about how great you are!" followed by a picture of them all having fun together... and then I can't focus on the negative anymore because it's so great to be reminded of how great you are.  Just kidding. Maybe. My friends are great!  They're the great ones.

I hope you guys have friends that send you funny texts and pictures and videos at their office playing with things on their desks.  Or show up to your shows and scream your name in the crowd and take a picture with your headshot.  Or buy you a drink or a lunch when you're low on cash every now and then.  Or who ask how your day was and text you out of the blue to tell you that they were thinking of you, b. Or buy you flowers when you're going through something rough, or an edible arrangement when you're celebrating something good.  Or leave you cough medicine when they hear you coughing.  I hope you have those friends!  And I hope you do good things for them, too.  That's all.  Merry Christmas, friends.

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