Thursday, December 13, 2012

Gifts for the Ladies, Strictly for the Ladies.

Ladies, fellas, Casey... I'm a girl.  Just so you know!  And I know a thing or two about girls.  I might be a boy in a lot of ways, but more often than not I'm a total girl.  And I'm going to share you a trick or two about things girls:

a) like 
b) want
c) don't know they like, but will
d) don't know they want, but do

So get creative this year!  Buy your friends a gift and not a gift card.  Buy your girlfriend something she'll like and it'll make her think you listen to her or even worse, care about her.  Just do the damn thing! 

1. A curling WAND.  That's right!  That's not a regular curling iron, it's a WAND!  A Remington Pearl and it's $20. And pink!  And it comes with a heat resistant glove because it gets REALLY hot.  But it's easy to master and it gives a gal very quick volume and beachy waves.  I'm talking very quick... and involves little (to zero) hairspray.  (i don't use any.)  It's a game changer. 
2. A Clarisonic Mia.  This is pricier, about $100.  But it's great.  I got one for Christmas a couple of years ago.  You basically just wash your face like you normally would (or should) but use this to blend into the skin instead of your hands.  It has a timer and takes 1-2 minutes but it cleans REALLY deep and it feels like you got a facial every time you use it.  Yay for clean skin! 

3. Something leopard print, like these loafers. They're everywhere, but these are $50.  Because leopard is a neutral, my friends.   It goes with mostly everything and it's fun to wear.  I have these shoes and a pair of heels, a leopard print scarf, an iPhone case, two dresses... and I might have a problem. 

4. Make-up palettes. This one is from e.l.f and costs $8.  What do girls love most?  Options.  And change, immediate change!  (If you want pricier ones with cuter packaging and more options, Benefit always makes me smile.) 

 5. An iPhone stand. $8. For watching Netflix or... taking pictures of yourself on Instagram.  Maybe just that second part.  ; )   
6. Boi-ing.  Industrial strength concealer.  $20.  It lasts a long time and it's the best concealer out there.  I don't use anything else (foundation wise)... just this. 

 7. Mad Men Season One. (Or the whole series so far.) The 1960's are hot. It makes any woman want to dress better and be subservient to their significant others.  And also drool over Don Draper.  

 8. French Martini ingredients. They're delicious.  Chambord, vodka, pineapple juice.  Throw it in a nice basket or something. Or buy a couple of mason jars, they're cheap and "trendy."  And girls love to drink! Right? Right?!?!

9. Framed affordable artwork.  I love art but a lot of times I think that it's too frivolous a thing to buy. But, it's pretty cheap and there are a lot of prints to find that are personal to certain people.  I like typography and stuff like this.  ($25)  But, there are also illustrations like Nan Lawson.  Or Society6 or 20x200 which has a ton of affordable art.

10. A bullet for $16. I don't know.  Maybe you're close and your friend needs to unwind a little bit?

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