Wednesday, December 5, 2012

No Good Days.

{i had bad days then and i have them now!}
Some days are just really terrible, no good, bad days. 

I woke up at 9am to a panic attack and a giant headache and guilt hangover.

I'm having a bad hair day. 

All of my clothes are the worst.  

Rehearsal was cancelled. 

I don't have money to buy Christmas presents.  

I still have a huge headache. 

My laptop charger is totally broken.  

I'm going to be late for my class tonight and it's stressing me out.

I wish I didn't quit my job.

The coffee that I paid $3 for tastes disgusting.

My room is a mess and my brain can't focus on where to start cleaning it up.  

I'm hungry but I'm poor and all I have is peanut butter and bread but I don't feel like a peanut butter sandwich.  

I drank too many Jameson and ginger ales last night.  Why was I even drinking whiskey and ginger ale? 

I feel totally useless and unimportant to many people in my life. 


Some days are just really terrible, no good, bad days.  

{But... even in all that... you find back-up laptop chargers to use until you can afford a new one.  You cry it out, pop some Advil and lay down in a dark room for a half hour to let the headache melt away.  You get nice text messages that say you're beautiful.  You realize hair is just hair and hair spray helps. You live.  So... whatever.}

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