Monday, December 17, 2012

Things to Love on a Monday (Christmas time!)

 1. a gingerbread brownstone!
oh, carrie bradshaw would love this!

2. a Christmas treat box.

3. and an adorable shadow box from You Are My Fave.

4. i love these decorations!
i wish i had a fireplace with candles in it!

5. beautiful christmas nails.

6. Kate Spade bow earrings would make your cute little ears look like presents. 

7. a great casual Christmas outfit for shopping.
and the cutest little dog reindeer.

8. guys, those reindeer are going to eat that whole cake.

9. this advent calendar looks fun.  
i imagine there are a lot of fun motivational notes inside of those envelopes.
or fun activities to do.
i'm going to steal a family.

10. a handsome sleeping bear. it's hibernating time!

happy monday!
i'm working all week at my old job! i'm sitting at my old desk!
man, i'm happy about it.
{though my body picked the worst week to get sick.
THE ONE WEEK i actually have to be somewhere. dumb body.}

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