Monday, December 10, 2012

Things to Love on a Monday

 1. this melts my heart. 
found here.

2. a cool stenciled wall from A Beautiful Mess.

3. and also from A Beautiful Mess, a peppermint white russian recipe.
sounds deliciously Christmasy!

4. a glasses tote bag : )

5. an adorable mint scalloped iphone case.

6. i have a plaid coat and don't need another, but i love this one so much.
it reminds me of paddington bear!  that's my nickname.
well, only from mike. but still!

7. patterned bobby pinning. such a simple idea.

8. lucy and desi christmas!
(found on cora's pinterest!)

9. woody allen.
have you watched his documentary on Netflix? it's great.

10. lumberjack nails!

happy monday!

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