Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Comedy Icons: Nichols and May.

In this month's COMEDY ISSUE of Vanity Fair, they did a profile on comedy legends Mike Nichols and Elaine May. You can read it here.  It's great! Even though Vanity Fair needs to keep it together with their long articles. My attention span can't take it!

I just liked that they liked each other.  And whenever Elaine was self-deprecating, Mike would jump to her defense.  And was very poignant and honest.  It was perfect.  They're perfect.  It's a great description of how to play a character on stage in an improvised scene.  Realistically!
Elaine: Well, I brought a very cowboy-like attitude, and Mike was very attractive and groomed and...

Mike: What you brought is that you always knew the character that would not be the theater choice, but the real-life choice, and therefore the comedy choice.
It was a nice reminder that in improv, it's better to appreciate and respect the unit as opposed to each individual performer.  And I watched some YouTube clips of them and they're super hilarious.  I like comedy.  Have I ever mentioned that?

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