Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Galleria Wall

I want spring here.  Like now.  This winter weather totally sucks.  So, I'm taking on projects to keep my spirits up.  Although, admittedly, my spirits have been pretty high this winter!  Regardless, I want to re-do my wall.  I want some new inspiration up there!  So I've been gathering ideas on Pinterest on my board titled "the galleria wall" which is a pun I'm pretty proud of.  Get it?  Like the mall?  In Cambridge?  Oh, I'm funny.  

instead of antlers.  though i like those, too. 

a print of the uss constitution.  which i'm sort of nerdy about.

an old vegas prostitution sign.  i mean, of course.

tina. of course.

glasses clicking illustration from nan lawson.

12345 67.

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