Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!


Hello!  Happy New Year! 

Last night, I dyed my hair a very dark brown.  Almost black.  And I feel AWESOME!!  I had a very fun New Year's Eve.  I did shows with my friends, I had some drinks, I threw up in a sink, I wore a pretty party dress and I walked around a room and told everyone in there how great they were and how much they were my best friend in the whole world.  Which is a good kind of drunk to be.  Oh, right, I mentioned that I threw up in a sink, right?  I'm gross.

Regardless, I'm excited for a new year!  I feel creative and excited and ready to tackle some shit.  I spent the day lying in bed and watching The Cosby Show and writing down a list of things I want to do.  I like making resolutions... because even if I don't do them all, it at least sets me on the right track and puts me in a nice frame of mind... for however many seconds.  : )

Here are some ideas that I have.  There are MANY.  And I didn't want to write any big, crazy things... like "move to LA" because that shit's overwhelming. 
  • Get a passport.  I don't have one.  I've never had one.  I've never needed to use one.  I don't have the money to actually use one this year.  But... I should have one.  Just in case I'm whisked away to a foreign country for a romantic weekend.  Because that's likely to happen!
  • Get the ampersand tattoo on my back filled in.  I have a baroque design that I'm looking into that I really like.  Just have to save up the money!
  • Watch all of The Cosby Show.  (I'm on season three. Hehe!)
  • Write and perform (non-comedy) music.  It's a silly little dream I have. 
  • Write a spec script.  I've had one all planned out for "Parks and Recreation."  I think it'll be a fun thing to do.
  • "Curate" my frame wall.  I have some posters that need to be framed and I want to make it more personal and interesting.  I'm tired of looking at the same thing every day.  Also, it will fulfill my secret longing that I've had to be a museum curator.
  • Buy a new record every month and start building an awesome record collection.  Including all types of music... and not just soul.  I have a lot of soul.  And I'll probably buy a lot more soul.
  • Figure out how to really use my camera and take pictures more frequently.  I want to take more black and white pictures.  
  • Have a spa day.  Probably on my birthday.  Oh, man, I can't wait!
  • Stop apologizing.  I apologize for EVERYTHING.  And I have to stop.  I have a feeling a certain someone is going to be real excited about this one. 
What about you?! What are you doing this new year?!

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