Friday, January 18, 2013

January Record.

I got a record player last Christmas (with a few records) and since then, I've purchased a few... but I really want to build a nice collection.  They're kind of expensive, so I decided that my "new year's resolution" would be to buy a new one every month.  That way, I'm not breaking the bank, and it'll be fun to listen to something new every single month. 

For January, I bought "Ella & Louis."    I listened to it while learning lines for sketches and cleaning my apartment this morning.  I've been sick with what seems like a sinus infection, so I took Nyquil Sinus last night and it knocked me out early... and had me up early.  Is it just me, or does that thing only allow you to sleep 8 hours?  No more, no less?  Annoying.  Today, I feel better.  Thankfully. 

I love this album.  It's very sweet and nice background music to a day.  A very sunny, very cold day... filled to the brim with phlegm.  

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