Monday, January 21, 2013

Things to Love on a Monday

 1. winged letter b!  (my last name is barrett.) (if you didn't know.)

2.  this pasta was cooked in red wine and made it all creepy looking.
i want to try that! - A Beautiful Mess.

3. party arty. 
found here.

4. oh boy, do i love this.
grey is awesome with every coor.

5. i know it's "cliche" but i really think zooey deschanel is super beautiful. 
and stylish.  and great. 

6. heart legwarmers.
they'd look cute with boots!

7. instax wallpaper.
holy shit.
A Beautiful Mess.

8. glasses. i love them.

9. the moon.
we went there. in 1969.

10.  the perfect motel sign.

happy monday!
i hope you all have a dream.

1 comment:

-j said...

LOVE the winged B, but that could be because it reminds me of Wonder Woman's winged WW and I'm kinda, sorta, obsessed with Wonder Woman.


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