Friday, February 1, 2013

A Day At The Doctor's

Going to the doctor doesn't bother me anymore.  It used to give me a whole lot of anxiety, but the older I get and the more invasive procedures I get... I'm kind of over feeling awkward about it.

But, I might have had the best experience at the doctor's office the other day.  For one, she told me that I looked great.  Which is always a plus.  I always hate that feeling that you're not eating healthy enough or exercising nearly enough (which, let's face it, I'm not... I half-ass yoga and I only eat gummy bears) but she told me that I was looking extra beautiful since the last time she saw me.  In my world, that's the ONLY way to start a conversation with me.  THE ONLY WAY. 

My doctor is awesome.  She's very efficient and quick and if I bring something up that I'm concerned about, she shuts down my fears almost immediately in a sassy way.  (Me: I have these freckles on my legs, I think I have cancer. Her: Really? Cancer? No other possibility but cancer? I'll take a look, but calm down.) 

So, we start getting down to business.  Right before she got started, she asked me about my job and I told her that I'm an improv comedian and she freaked out.  She got so excited!  And she started telling me about how when she moved to the States, she would go to the improv theatre near her apartment in Manhattan to learn and practice English.  She loved watching the performers and she fell in love with comedy.  She talked to me about "30 Rock" and Alec Baldwin and Woody Allen movies, going into great detail about which parts were improvised.  I was shocked!  She knew more than I did about some things.  Or knew all the little nerdy details that I only know because I'm a total nerd.  We actually had a fun, legitimate conversation as if we were having a cup of coffee... except my legs were in stirrups and I had an uncomfortable piece of plastic shoved inside of me.

When she was done, she told me to get dressed and right before she walked away she said, "You have a very fun life."  

And there was something about sitting on a piece of wax paper on a hospital bed and wearing a johnny that made me realize that she was right.  My life is fun.  The most fun!  So fun that even my check-ups are a good time.  What a lucky gal!

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