Friday, February 8, 2013

Blizzard Television

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Why, hello.  Welcome to me.  Are you going to be stuck inside for a few days because of a blizzard?  Are you looking for something to do?  Do you have a fully charged laptop/iPad/iPhone/etc?  Well, I am... and I do!  And you're in luck, because I watch a whole lot of television.  A. Whole.  Lot. Probably more than I should because of my rotting brain.  

But, I'm going to share with you what you should watch/re-watch/catch up on: 

Parks and Recreation:  30 Rock is over and that sucks.  BUT, we still have Parks and Rec! So, if you're not on board - it's time to jump on to this moving train because it's accelerating!  The first season is very different from the rest of them... but it's still good.  It's styled like "The Office" and in the first season, Leslie Knope (Amy Poehler) was a Michael Scott-type character that everyone was sort of annoyed by and she was a demanding, frustrating woman-in-power... then in the second season, they changed it and everyone totally loves her and respects her and supports her... despite being a demanding, frustrating woman-in-power.  Plus, it's hilarious and the cast is incredible.  I love everyone on that show.  Even Gerry.  

Wilfred:  Have you watched Wilfred yet?  It's on FX and it's hilarious.  The first season is on Netflix and again, it's hilarious.  It's so stupid at times... because it's a man in a dog costume acting like a dog and nobody cares to mention that it's a man in a dog costume and not an actual dog.  Because he is just a dog.  Confusing enough?  Well Elijah Wood is adorable.  And actually, I'm really attracted to the actor who plays Wilfred.  So, if you're not totally weirded out by the fact that I said that and when you watch it you see that he's a disgusting MAN IN A DOG COSTUME, well then you'll love it. 

The Office:  Did you give up when Michael Scott left?  So did I.  But I'm getting around to watching seasons 8 and 9... and it's actually pretty good.  In fact, I kind of like the changes going on right now in the final season, makes it more interesting.  

The Carrie Diaries:  If you're a fan of "Sex and the City" then you probably won't be a fan of the Carrie Diaries.  Just kidding.  I'm a fan of both!  I actually can't stop watching the show.  It's pretty good and interesting and the character is sweet and adorable, which is funny because CARRIE ISN'T.  (At least as an adult.)  It bothers me that we never, ever see these characters again... so it's hard to get emotionally attached to them.  No, we don't even see her father and sister in the future.  Which is weird. 

The New Girl:  I was never a huge fan of this show in its first season, but I watched all of season two and I love it.  Zooey Deschanel is the most beautiful and the guys are funny and handsome and her best friend Cee Cee (however you spell it) is hot.  If you don't like good looking people making you laugh then GO AWAY, STOP READING, I HATE YOU.  (Plus, I love Nick and I want him and Jess to be together.)  

Other thoughts:  "THE COSBY SHOW." "Cheers" - Sam and Diane years (just to start... that's five seasons of great.  Rebecca years, also great.)  "Frasier" - just kidding.  No... I'm not.  "Wings" - I'm not kidding about that either.  Joe and Bryan?  Sexiest brother pilots ever.  EVER.  "Reba" - okay, I'm just going to give up now. 

Don't watch:  "Downton Abbey".  Fuck that shit.  I'm over it.  

Other things to do:   Hang out with all of your friends in one room and laugh and laugh and laugh.  Stock up on candles and light them... even if the power doesn't go out.  Get mimosa ingredients  (orange juice and champagne) and drink nothing but that.  And maybe some coffee.  Smartfood is delicious.  That was just a statement.  I KNOW. 

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