Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Currently, I am...

Me and Jared watching sports!  We were both born on May 18th.  Two years apart, but still.  We love our birthday, which we share with Tina Fey and Pope John Paul II.  We watched the Superbowl the other night at Kelly's Superbowl Party (which she wasn't there for until the very end.)  I enjoyed myself watching sports.  Who am I?

Listening to:
I've been on a bit of a Beach Boys kick.  But, it changes every day... now that I have Spotify.  It has changed my life.  Showering has never been so much fun.  (You know... because I get to sing a lot more songs now.)  I also listen to whatever Beau sends me through it... which is a lot of country.  But I guess I can listen to it for him... he is pretty cute and all.

Thinking About: 
Taking pictures just for myself.  I can't remember the last time I just took a picture to take a picture... without the thought of posting it here or sending it to someone or instagramming itI guess I don't know why it matters, but I have this nice camera and I rely on my phone far too much.  I never lug my camera around because I go to the same places all the time and there's nothing new to take a picture of, I suppose.  But, I hope to find new things.  Other than a dark basement and the same five people, however lovely they are!

- "Downton Abbey."  I just finished all of season three since I bought it on iTunes and for whatever reason, they released every episode.  I don't know how I feel about the show anymore.  It kills me.  This season made me so angry and sad, I don't know if I could continue watching next season.  I also don't know if there are enough good characters left for me to stick around for!  Although, I don't hate Thomas anymore.  Ugh.  Downton.

- The final season of "The Office."  I haven't really liked the show since season four... but I'm a sucker for a series finale, especially when it's a show I loved.  The past few episodes have actually got kind of interesting.  Even if it ruins the whole show, at least it's engaging to watch.

Excited About:
The opening of our new show in a couple of weeks.  Man, I love the new show a lot.  And I'm excited to go away to New York City in March with my girls, WNBA and a bunch of our friends.  And I'm just excited about life in general.  It's been pretty great lately. 


(Inspiration for this post from many blogs I read, although originally from Sometimes Sweet.)

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