Thursday, February 21, 2013

Currently, I am...

Me, Dog and Ry Ry.  We were hanging out at the theater after shows on Saturday night and DiBello said, "Let's send a picture to Casey!"  So we took this picture and we sent it to our dear friend, Casey.  Then, we immediately took two more pictures and switched glasses and positions.  (So I took one where Ryan was with his glasses on and where DiBello was with no glasses.)  We're strange... and I love us.  These are my two favorite guys.  Out of a lot of favorite guys. 

Listening to:
Bruno Mars' latest album.  I very rarely just listen to full albums on Spotify, but I love him so much.  He sounds like a modern day Michael Jackson... and have you heard his covers of MJ songs?  They're great.  And his SNL was awesome.  He gets a "YES!" stamp.

Working on: 
I'm doing a copywriting project for IA this week.  I've actually done a couple this month and it's exciting.  I like using parts of my brain that I don't use anymore.  Writing copy is a lot different than sketch or a blog post or essays or whatever else I write.  I'm selling something to a whole different audience, so it's fun and weird.  I haven't worked in a while, so it's nice.

"How I Met Your Mother."  I've been watching newer episodes and realized that I skipped like two seasons of episodes... so I'm catching up and loving it.  It's such a good show! 

Excited About:
Going to NYC next month!  I really can't wait to get out of this city... and go to another city.  For two days.  I'm also grossly excited for spring and my birthday because I really want to get another tattoo.  It's my birthday tradition. 

(Inspiration for this post from many blogs I read, although originally from Sometimes Sweet.)

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