Thursday, February 14, 2013

Gals and Vals.

 Last night we had Galentine's Day at Mary's place, which is the day for ladies!  I got there late because I had to teach class, but that didn't hold me back from eating mac and cheese and drinking Bitch Bubbly (pink champagne that isn't good) and painting a ceramic bird to look like a seal.  A dapper seal. 

I like Galentine's Day (which originated from "Parks and Recreation") because I like hanging out with my lady friends.  And the number of lady friends keeps growing!  I direct a group of ladies, and now they're all my friend... I like collecting friends.  And I only meet friends now through improv.  My life is in shambles.  Awesome shambles. 

And now today's Valentine's Day!  I don't care, I love Valentine's Day.  When I worked at AMP, it used to be my favorite day.  I'd host an ice cream social and hang up pictures of celebrity couples - both existing ones and couples that broke up or divorced... you know, to represent single and taken people!  And it wouldn't be all lovey dovey, I'd mostly play Michael Jackson and there were cow-shaped sprinkles involved.  I like dressing up for any holiday... except Halloween, I don't like Halloween.  But, I like a Christmas or a New Year's or a Valentine's or St. Patrick's Day because there are color schemes!  Color schemes, I say!  I'm currently wearing a red dress with a black sweater that has a heart on it!  I just like to tell people I love them.  All people.  Even strangers.  And when I get drunk, all of my improv students... I'm full of love.  And a whole lot of weird.

Do something nice for yourself today.  I woke up, made coffee, watched the Valentine's episode of "Arrested Development" (that was an accident, it was just next on my queue) (also, it's the "SPEECH! SPEECH! SPEECH!" episode which is MY FAVORITE SCENE) (also, "Maybe tonight?") I painted a new piece of wall art for my room, I'm listening to The Beach Boys, I'm eating grapes... and I'm going to have a good day!  Because why not?  I have shows and then I'm going to get drunk and I'm gonna kiss a boy.  ANY BOY!  (Just kidding.)  So let's do this!  Let's pick up some good vibrations!

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