Wednesday, February 27, 2013

I Got The Blues

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I woke up to an empty bed on the stormiest of days.  Rain and wind whipped at my window. The room was so dark that I couldn't tell what time of day it was.  The cat was asleep at my feet, curled up in a little ball because she was cold.  Oh, bother.

I have nothing to be sad about.  Sometimes, I'm just in a sad mood.  I had a good night.  I hung out with my friends and talked about improv and life and gluten intolerance (yeah, that's a thing going on in my life right now.)  I have a cute guy that texts me things like, "How was your night, gorgeous?" and immediately looks up gluten-free recipes to cook for me because of said gluten intolerance.  I got to watch a new episode of "New Girl" and "The Carrie Diaries" which are my two favorite guilty pleasure television shows.  I even worked out and ate vegetables, so I didn't feel guilty or down on myself about my life choices. (OK, so maybe I shouldn't have drunkenly covered a plate of tortilla chips with mozzarella cheese and Franks' Red Hot last night... but at least it was gluten-free!)

But... I'm still blue. (How much cuter is it to say "blue" than "sad"? A lot.)  But that's okay.  Sometimes, you just have to put on your soul and R&B playlist (entitled "Smooooth") (is that racist?) and embrace your blues with Sam, Otis, Etta and Smokey.   

And like the gluten-free website that I've been reading non-stop for two days says... (it provides gluten-free information, the website itself is not gluten-free) (jokes!)   ... think about the positive aspect (like what you CAN eat and not what you CAN'T eat.)  So, I'm going to think about the following good stuff:

1. The classes that I teach tonight are fun.
2. Julia is coming into town on Friday and I can't wait to see her!  It has almost been a year, I think.  Which is insane.
3. Smartfood is gluten-free and so if this gluten-intolerance thing is a real deal... then I'm perfectly fine with eating nothing but Smartfood forever and ever and ever.  And ever.  : )

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