Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Ode to 30 Rock.

I have been a Tina Fey fan for quite some time.  Obviously. I remember the first time I laid eyes on her... and yeah, that was supposed to sound that creepy.  Because it was creepy.  It remains to be creepy.  It was the first time I was awed by a woman.  Literally awed.  She was so funny and had such great joke delivery and she worked so well with a handsome-ass Jimmy Fallon.  Then I found out exactly what her role was on the show and all the sketches she was responsible for and her history with comedy, and it all made sense.  She was, and forever will be, my favorite comedian/writer/producer/EVERY WOMAN.  (No offense, Oprah.)

Have I mentioned we share a birthday?  Well, we do. 

Needless to say, I was parked in front of my TV when "30 Rock" aired.  Immediately, I couldn't believe how fast and well-written it was.  I was ASTOUNDED by the jokes per minute on that show.  The stupid, awesome jokes!  Per minute!  But what I loved most of all was the fact that it was honest and based on real life (kind of) and it really drove the whole "write what you know" idea into my head.  It was sweet, ensemble-based and fucking hilarious.  I mean, remember when Tracy was waiting for Jack outside and he saw a pigeon eating a french fry on a trash can and he said, "Stop eating people's old french fries, pigeon! Have some self respect! Don't you know you can fly?!" or Kenneth talking to Moonvest over at CBS and he shouted, "GIMME YA FINGERNAILS!" And Jack doing the therapy session for Tracy and playing all of his family members?  AND KENNETH AS A MUPPET ON HD CAMERAS. 

I remember having a conversation with someone one time about how it's so unrealistic and Tina Fey is gorgeous and trying to pretend she's some hideous woman that nobody could ever love.  I totally disagree.  First of all, it wasn't Tina Fey, it was Liz Lemon.  And Liz Lemon was actually a pretty disgusting person.   Let's face it, she shotguns whole pizzas, sleep-ate cigarettes and had several positive pregnancy tests because she was binge eating off-brand Cheetos called "Sabor de Soledad."   They didn't say she was ugly, she got the most handsome men - JON HAMM, in particular.  JON HAMM.  She was flawed, totally flawed, and I applaud Tina Fey for playing that character for so many years.  That very smart, talented, hard-working... and maybe a little bit unattractive (based on life choices) character.

And she wasn't the only great character, literally every character worked.  It was the perfect ensemble and everybody was different.  Somehow, it just worked. 

I'm glad the show had so many seasons, even when the ratings weren't great.  And even though they didn't get a FULL final season, I'm glad they were given one at all!  Because that last episode was really great and sweet and tied everything together beautifully.  And the best part of all was that even when it got sentimental and sad, they made sure to keep it funny - by having the tender moments happen in a strip club... or while Tracy and Jenna were both dressed as Hitler.  

I legitimately felt sad watching the final episode.  And happy.  Tears of happiness and sadness.  And then I ate a bunch of french fries, because you know what?  That's what Liz Lemon would do... and if you have a problem with that, I'll cut your face up so bad you'll have a chin.  YOU'LL ALL HAVE CHINS!


P.s. Tina Fey and I have the same birthday. 

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