Monday, February 11, 2013

Things to Love on a Monday (Valentine Edition)

 1. hehe.

2. chocolate wrapped bacon. yes. always.

3. cute heart scarf.

4. heart balloons in a closet!
it must be nice... having a closet.
Oh Happy Day

5. little tiny homemade oreo hearts.
You Are My Fave.

6. HEART BEETS. get it?

7. heart straws.  i can't resist a cute straw.

8. pb and j hearts.  my favorite!

9. red bow tie clips for shoes.
they'd look so cute on my show shoes!

10. cute little illustration by nan lawson.

happy monday!
i don't hate valentine's day.  even when i don't have a valentine.
(which is more often than not.)  (who calls people valentine's these days anyway?) but, i don't see anything wrong with spreading some love.  and getting drinks with your friends and throwing ice cream socials (like i used to do at work) and doing a little bit more kissing... or the same amount of kissing as you would any other day.  it's a stupid holiday and it's made up by card companies and whatever... just use it as a day to be nice and show the people you love that you love them.

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