Monday, February 4, 2013

Things to Love on a Monday

 1. favorite pillow ever.  i love making out.
the pillow would cut the words out for me!

2. flying umbrellas.

3. i want a pink car.
or just a car in general.

4. god, i love leopard print.  i'm a cougar.

5. oh COME ON. so adorable.

6. couple of cute bears.

7. best friends for life.

8. Megan Mullaly's 2013 resolutions.
god, she's fantastic.

9. ok, and one more megan mullaly-based item.
Nick Offerman and her are the new comedy "it" couple.
(i miss you amy and will.)

10. and god damn, i want this bangle.  (and ring.)  (and earrings.)

happy monday!

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