Monday, February 25, 2013

things to love on a monday.

1.  i would love a card catalog in my future home.

2. i want to do this so bad!

3. modern lemonade stand.

4. i fall mostly fall around the "flirty" and "cheeky" line.
interesting article about it.

5. hand-painted wooden utensils! i love a dot.
sincerely, kinsey.

6. harry potter reading harry potter on the set of harry potter.
heart! melt!

7. i've oddly always wanted a bandaid tattoo.
because i'm so damn hurty all the time.
but Trevor said it'd just be an inside joke with myself. he's right.

 8. great color scheme.

9. great style.  great bow ties.  great pair.

10. she's not wrong.

happy monday!

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