Thursday, March 14, 2013

Book Store.

This evening I had dinner with my friend, Steve.  He was late... as usual.  So I found myself with an hour to kill in the mall.  I'm trying not to spend a lot of money (mostly because I don't have any money to spend) so I decided to waste an hour in Barnes and Noble. 

Do you guys remember book stores?  Because let me tell you, they're alive and well!  Well, some of them are.  I mean, a lot of them shut down.  Even Border's... and I loved Border's.  It felt less stuffy, you know? But, Barnes and Noble is like classic.  OK, this is going awry.

I actually got excited walking through the aisles.  I picked up a couple of books and read the first chapters (and even a little bit more!)  I took mental notes of books to buy (on my iPad) (when I have money)(which might not be soon.)  I felt a little bit guilty thinking of going and getting them for my iPad, but... well... I'm trying to save space in my apartment (mostly because I don't have the space.)

Also, it brought out the following emotions:

1. Jealousy.  When I walked around the aisles, I saw so many terrible books.  Books about dumb subjects, books that have been written a thousand times, books that weren't Harry Potter but were certainly trying to be.  And I just thought, "I could do this... and I could do it better.  In fact, I might actually be able to write books that people actually want to read."  So, instead of wanting to pat these dumb authors on the backs, I just got bitter and resentful towards them.  Don't even get me started on "Fifty Shades of Grey."  I'm all for "light, fun reading" but that's just... ugh. 

2. Excitement.  So many options! 

3. Overwhelmed.  Why are there so many options?!  What book do I start with?  What book do I want to read?  What am I interested in?  Have I read too many memoirs?  Should I read more fiction? Is it too embarrassing to read chick-lit?  Should I read classic novels that I should have read before but Everett High decided to keep it out of the curriculum? 

4. Tired.  It was just tired in there.  I don't know what that had to do with... probably just general tired-ness, plus it was 9:30.

5. Eagerness.  I was really frustrated I didn't bring my iPad.  And then I got frustrated that I pretty much only use my iPad to play music while I'm in the shower, or to play Pudding Monsters.  I should be using it for better things.  Like reading books. 

And then I was back to step one. So, I gave up and went to Sephora and dropped $40 immediately because I felt gross and needed an immediate fix.

Oh well.  Maybe I should just stick to reading recaps of my favorite TV shows on Vulture.  Hey, when is someone going to start recapping "The Carrie Diaries?"  Asking for a friend. 

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