Thursday, March 7, 2013

Currently, I am...

A mirror covered in graffiti... that was calling me a bitchface.  It's in the bathroom of the All Asia cafe in Cambridge and man, let me tell you... what a night that was.  We did a show for a charity and we showed up thinking it would be a total mess... and it was, but the perfect mess.  We had a lot of fun and then partied like it was the end of the world and we just performed the best show ever.  Needless to say, I don't remember getting home and Tuesday (and a little bit of Wednesday) was quite a mess for me.  But, I had so much fun, right? 

Thinking about: 
Spring.  I'm sitting next to my kitchen window right now looking at nothing but snow and still, all I can think about is spring.  I have shopping carts filled with spring dresses and shoes and skirts on my favorite clothing sites.  I'm looking into vacations and things to do that can be done outside.  I'm excited to sit on the porch during the day and sip an iced coffee or hang out on the waterfront and get a little tipsy.  I hung my favorite floral dress up on my wall (because my closet is so small that yes, I hang a couple of my dresses on my wall.  It's great decor, actually) and I'm ready to wear it! 

It's going to be 50 degrees on Monday, so... I'm not wearing pants that day.  NO PANTS. 

Pad thai. I'm still eating gluten-free and it has been awesome for my body and well-being. Rice noodles are a big staple these days because they're easy to make and can go with any sauce at all.  But, they still taste best with a pad thai sauce and it has been the only thing I want lately.  I found this recipe for gluten-free pad thai... but the only thai place near me has a gluten-free one on their menu and well, I'm lazy.  So... I'll probably just get that... all the time. 

- The Cure.  Jeremy had me listen to a lot of 80's stuff on our way to and from a corporate show in Connecticut this week and I really fell for The Cure.  I have listened to their stuff a little bit, but never really a whole album and it's great.  A nice change of pace from the soul music I'm usually listening to (and loving.)

- Taking showers with just candle light.  It's ridiculous!  I know.  But it's so relaxing!  I take my iPad in there and put on some music and take a shower... it can turn your day around, let me tell you.  

 - This article in the New York Times on Nora Ephron by her son, Jacob.  It's a really beautiful piece and made me cry and love her even more.  ("Sleepless in Seattle" is my favorite movie of hers. A young Tom Hanks?  Yes please.) 

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