Thursday, April 11, 2013

Life is Work.

 Life is taking a lot of work lately, my friends.

I took a hiatus from this blog because one day, I decided to paint my nails and re-watch Mad Men.  I spilled nail polish remover and got it on my computer screen and now it's broken.  Not so broken that I can't use it... but it's pretty broken and I should probably get it fixed.  So, there's that.  That takes work. 

Relationships take work.  All types of relationships.  And sometimes, I just don't feel like pulling my weight.  I just want to sit back and put my issues inside of a lazy river and let them flow around in circles until I feel like pulling them out and dealing with them when their skin is all pruny and wrinkly. 

Work takes work.  It takes a lot of work to keep your mouth shut.  It takes a lot of energy and tongue biting and "going with the flow" when, let's face it, I don't want to go with the flow when I don't agree with the flow!  The flow is stupid!  The flow should be challenged! 

Sometimes, getting out of bed just takes a whole lot of work.  (Because my bones ache.  It takes a lot of work to stop that from happening!)  Dealing with loss takes a whole lot of work.  Accepting change and moving on from people takes a whole lot of work.  Pretending everything is peachy keen (is that a phrase that people still use?) all the time takes a whole lot of work.  And it's all just to keep the peace. 

Basically, my life is a whole lot like the United States right now.  The threat of nuclear war is hovering over me and bombs are about to start going off -- but I'm just trying to keep the peace.  And the faith.  Because that's what Billy Joel tells me to do.  

What's the Marilyn Monroe picture for, you ask?  I'm hinting that my life is going to spiral out of control and I'm going to turn into a hermit crab and eventually die alone from drugs.  Or I just think she's pretty and looks like she's busy there, so whatever, deal with it.

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