Monday, May 20, 2013

Birthdays are the Best Days

This weekend was a great weekend. 

I probably don't use this blog properly anymore.  I've had a hard time with my voice.  I've lost it.  Or it's changing.  It's definitely getting deeper, a little scratchier and a whole lot more manly. I've just been feeling a lot more quiet and private.  Which is funny, because things are great.  Maybe I'm just evolving.  Like a real awkward butterfly.  

But anyways, I'll start over... this weekend was a great weekend.  It was my birthday.  That's sorta why.  Go ahead, call me selfish, I won't disagree.   

On Friday night, I made a joke to my cast mates that I was okay with working on my birthday because I got to spend the day "doing what I love."  I was being corny and ironic.  

Then I did work all day on my birthday.  (Like 10am to 1am.). And I did what I loved on my birthday (and we had one of our best shows in a while... maybe ever.)  And I had a REALLY great birthday.  I know birthdays don't matter so much when you get to your late 20's.  And that's what I thought, so I had almost zero expectations.  And somehow, I had the best birthday I've ever had!  BECAUSE I DID WHAT I LOVED!! (*falls out window*. *dies*)

I love getting older.  I love being just a bit wiser every year.  And just like New Year's, I love reflecting on a year gone by.  And getting super trashed in a pretty dress. 

But, this weekend, I realized a lot of cool things.  That if you request a signature midnight show drink of alcoholic Shirley Temples... your cast will get it for you.  That if you hear the voice of your friend talking in a mic through a speaker, it's a REALLY fun bit to pretend your friend shrunk and got stuck inside the speaker.  That teaching, and directing, is the best job I've ever had.  Somehow I've become, in Trevor's words, "the mother of improv."  That if you just calm down and be yourself, even the version of yourself that stops dogs on the street to ask what they're doing (the answer is always "being cute") and has aggressive panic attacks for seemingly no reason, somebody's going to love you because of it.  That pet peeves are easy to get over when someone's a really great person.  And also that normal things become pet peeves when someone totally sucks.  That people you thought to be lost causes... can surprise you and be awesome and make you feel super appreciated.   That most of my problems are created by me and my dumb imagination.  And that snails don't taste that bad! 

Being 26 was cool, I crossed a lot of awesome things off my list.  The first show I've ever directed is going up tomorrow and I actually can't sleep, I'm so excited!  And anxious.  Like super anxious.  Problematically anxious.  But still, it's awesome,  I hope a lot of awesome things get crossed off in my 27th year as well.  

Maybe I'll apply myself just a little more.  Maybe I'll work hard and pursue something totally out of my comfort zone.  Maybe I'll do something wild!  Or take a huge risk! Or maybe I'll just eat an egg for the first time. 

Baby steps.

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