Sunday, June 2, 2013

Turning Back Time

I don't have any regrets, because I'm one of those corny people who think that everything happens for a reason.  If I wasn't so shy and awkward in high school... would I be as confident and sure of myself as I am today?  If I didn't go to Suffolk, would I have done improv?  If I didn't spend years wasting my time with someone who had no interest in being anything more than a "make out buddy"... would I have ever made the effort, or had the confidence, to try someone new? 

I don't know.  

But, there are things that I wish I had tried.  Things that I wish I did differently... even though I totally love the way my life has turned out.  It's okay to imagine your life and how different it would be, right? 

. I wish that I had studied abroad like I wanted to in college, but didn't because I didn't "want to miss anything."  

. I wish that I had studied a different language than Spanish because that's what everyone else was doing. 

. I wish I had gone to school in Chicago when I got in to Loyola... or transferred to NYU when I got in while I was already in college. 

. I wish I didn't quit dancing school when I was in high school because I felt awkward and I wish I took it back up in college when there was an opportunity. 

. I wish I was still dancing, real bad. That one stings.

. I wish I traveled to Europe and all the places I wanted to travel when I had a full-time job, a great income and a lot of extra time on my hands when I wasn't on the mainstage. 

. I wish I didn't quit my job and sucked it up for another year to save money.

. I wish I moved to New York when I wanted to while my sister was living there.

. I wish I didn't drink all that vodka and then eat all that late-night pizza so many nights

. I wish I didn't major in something "practical" that I could get a job from (even though it was only Public Relations) and majored in what I wanted to pursue, like screenwriting, playwriting, etc. 

That being said, I'm only 27.  I've still got time.  And while it would have been fun to try all those things and see where I would be if I had made different choices, it's nice to know that even though I didn't - I'm doing pretty well for myself today.  I followed a whole different career path and took a chance.  And now, I get to see what's next!  

And figure out all the other decisions I'll totally fail on!

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