Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Demands for the Future

The present sucks.  It's great and I'm feeling good - but it sucks in a lot of ways.  Mostly financially.  I'm doing what I love but without much financial benefit.  Some days, buying a sandwich requires second guessing.  So, that should speak to the state I'm in.  

But the future... oh, the sweet future.  It can't be this way forever, right?  Some how, some way I'll make money!  And do what I love!  Maybe at the same time?!   And when that time comes, I have some demands: 

1. An unbelievably comfortable bed that is NOT a full.  It doesn't have to be a king, but if one came my way at a decent price - then by all means, I'd go for it.  All I want is to be able to stretch my legs and not feel confined to a small sliver of space when sharing my bed, which happens more often than not.  

2. That being said, I'd like a decent sized room that I can move around.  I can do yoga in, maybe a cartwheel or two.  I can lay on the floor out of pure laziness or anger at my wardrobe.  That'd be a wonderful luxury! 

3. A make-up bag.  That's one relatively cheap thing that I never justify because I think, "Why waste your money on a make-up bag when you don't carry your make-up with you wherever you go?"  I'm cheap. 

4. An annual trip.  It could be to the town over in a hotel for the night or to a freaking Caribbean island.  Either way, I want to take the time and invest in a trip that takes me away from it all for just a little bit.  For sanity reasons.  The fact that I never get away has a strong impact on my productiveness at work year-round. 

5. Wall art.  I have some wall art now and I'm pretty proud of it.  It is nicely curated, in my opinion.  But... most of it was ripped out of magazines... or given to me as a gift... or found for $1 at a thrift store (not that I don't love that $1 Steve Martin record!)  Sure, I did well for myself - finding many great Michael Jackson, Tina Fey and Fozzie Bear photos.  But... I'd like to be able to spend maybe $20 on a decent print and not feel completely guilty about it. 

6. Better shoes.  I have an awesome pair of heels that I bought at J.Crew for $50-$60.  They have lasted well over a year and are still in great condition.  All of my other shoes are falling apart at the seams, and most of them are later additions than the heels (which I wear every show.)  I want to invest in some good quality footwear that would accommodate my ridiculously high arches and underpronating feet. 

7. Lots of towels.  I want to stop using beach towels as bath towels because they're there. 

8. Cable and a television.  I'll admit that was a pretty easy thing to give up, considering the invention of Hulu and Netflix.  But sometimes I miss lazy Sundays on the couch, flipping through channels, watching random movies and TV shows and documentaries.  I'm happy enough without it, but I miss it sometimes.  

This might not be too grandiose, but a small part of me is glad that I'll always remain a little bit cheap.  It's the little things I'm looking forward to.  Turning the TV on when I get home from work, having plenty of towels around without having to wash them once a week and most importantly, a super comfortable bed that will be hard to get out of.  They're not the most important when you're low on cash, but some day... SOME DAY... I'll have my dream life.  (Make-up bag included.)

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