Wednesday, September 25, 2013

I Am Not My _______

I just finished reading "Orange is the New Black" because I watched the show and loved it, so I figured I might as well read the memoir too!  It was a delightful read that I read in less than 48 hours (because sometimes I read a little less quickly than Vicki from "Small Wonder" but a little faster than a kid trying to read a book for a report.)  

As I read it, I couldn't help but feel sad for the main character, Piper.  She just made a mistake!  She trusted someone a little too much and wanted to help them because she had got accustomed to a certain lifestyle, and fell in love with the wrong person.  We all do stupid things when we're in love.  Her stupid thing, smuggling drug money across countries, just happened to be a little more stupid.  

It was interesting seeing all the creative things they would do with what little they were allowed.  They made cheesecake!  Prison cheesecake!  They had so little to work with, but they got by.  It actually made me take a look at all that I have... and what I have way too much of and don't necessarily need.  

When Piper left prison, she left with nothing more than some street clothes that the prison  provided her (mens' clothes) and an envelope filled with pictures of loved ones and letters.   For some reason, it reminded me of funerals.  You show up at a funeral home, you see a line of the person's immediate family surrounding them and the funeral home is typically shrouded with images of family, friends and great memories.  Those are the things that the family shows off as a representation of the person that they love.  Not the minor details.  Or how many pairs of perfect fall boots they owned. 

Basically, what I'm saying is, I spend a lot of time fussing over the bullshit.  But, I am not my job.  I am not my clothes.  I am not where I live or what I do or how many cool things I have.  None of that defines me.  The wonderful people and relationships I have in my life are a far better representation of who I am.  And the less assholes the better!  Am I right, guuurl?

Watch or read "Orange is the New Black".  It's real good. 

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