Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!

It's Halloween.  I’m over it.  I don’t enjoy dressing up and I don’t even feel like using it as an excuse to drink this year.  But I am performing in a Halloween show tonight that I really enjoy and I am super excited for!  Yes, I’ve already done it multiple times over the weekend and last night, but deal with it!  It’s a really fun show and if you’re in the Boston area – please come check it out! 

Also, here are six Halloween-based facts about me:

1.       I had a Halloween party one year and dressed up as that clown with a hula hoop style skirt, danced to Kool and the Gang and gave everyone Dr. Seuss hats as gifts.  Covered in peace signs and ying yangs.  So, that was a cool year in my life.

2.      There’s a gravestone in my family's backyard that says, “Here lies Darling Dorothy.” I’ve never been given a full story on why it’s there.  Also, the darling Dorothy only lived for five years.

3.      I once wrote a short horror story called “Shrill Screams.”  It was a lot like “I Know What You Did Last Summer” and it involved a character named Ricky.  Oh, and shrill screams of course.

4.      I dressed up as mummy one year, the wrapped in toilet paper kind, and my mother had to follow me around with a stapler while I trick-or-treated.

5.      I went “shaving creaming” one year with my friends because a boy I liked was doing it and I wanted to be involved, even though I really just wanted to trick-or-treat for one more year.  The boy wrote my initials in shaving cream so that made me excited.  But then he started dating another girl that night… (we were like 11) so I had a sleepover with my friends, ate my feelings in Doritos and recorded us singing Karaoke on an awesome, tiny Karaoke machine I had.
6.   At work a couple of years ago, one of my co-workers dressed up as me for Halloween.  He called me the night before to get my opinion on clothes.  He ended up wearing a khaki skirt, a striped green polo and a black cardigan. Which is something I'd never wear.  He also wore a black wig (I had red hair at the time.)  I also think he put balloons in his shirt for boobs.  Good job.


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