Monday, November 25, 2013

Gift Guides, Yay and Nay

I talked about guilty pleasures last week, but I've found a new one this week!  GIFT GUIDES!

I am absolutely loving them this year and I shouldn't, because there literally isn't a single thing I've found for anyone through them!  My boyfriend wouldn't want ANYTHING on ANY gift guide made for a man!  He's so simple - he'd take a bottle of rum and a kiss.  Yet, all I want to do is buy him a shaving kit from Kiehl's (he doesn't even know what Kiehl's is) and framed prints of Fenway Park.  Actually, he might like that last one.  

My dad wouldn't like anything on them either... he doesn't need fancy shaving cream and ANOTHER watch. And the gift guides for best friends?  Sure, I could get my friend a trio of nail polishes from Deborah Lipman, but what's personal about that?  I'm a fan of getting friends gifts that have sentimental value, or at least something I know they'd use all the time.  I also love the idea of giving friends slightly luxurious items they wouldn't buy themselves but have always thought of buying - like professional shampoo, a bottle of Moroccan Oil or expensive mascara from Benefit.   (Personally, I'd love getting things like that!)

Gift guides are funny to me because while some ideas are totally awesome and personal, a lot of items are just basic gifts that are for the general public of men and women.  You'll probably find a candle, beauty product and something cute on every guide for girls and a plaid shirt, backpack and electronic device on every guide for guys.  

Or maybe my friends and family are the only people that aren't stereotypical men and women!  I wished my mother liked collecting junk or hung up art or frequently cooked with cookbooks and that my dad was an avid fisher that I could get fishing gear for.  But they're not!  They don't even buy DVD's or anything easy like that.  

This year, I came up with an idea.  I'm going to make a list of all the people I'm shopping for and I'm going to write three general things they like.  Chances are I'll be able to find at least ONE gift inspired by three of those things!  We did that at my former day job for "Secret Snowman" and my three interests were "muppets, comedy and Michael Jackson."  I received a Kermit the Frog lunch box, a couple of Muppet DVD's, a Martin Lawrence comedy special and a Michael Jackson book.  Those were the best gifts I've ever received.  Except maybe that Martin Lawrence special.  

But if that doesn't work... ModCloth has some pretty great gift guides.   Like, real great.  Now I just need to find a way to obtain some money for shopping! 

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