Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Guilty Pleasures.

 (Guilty pleasure = Christmas.  And glasses.  And wine...)

At 27, I should probably be above feeling guilty about things that I like.  

But then again, I'm a woman surrounded by men in the comedy field, so naturally people still make fun of each other for everything.  EVERYTHING!  Can't a girl get a pair of fleece lined leggings and hope for the best for Khloe and Lamar?  No.  She can't.  So I'm left constantly feeling guilty about all of my pleasures!  ALL OF THEM!

But here I am!  Making a stand!  And admitting my guilty pleasures to the world (slash ten people who read my blog.)  

The Carrie Diaries - I loved "Sex and the City" and I love "The Carrie Diaries".  It's dumb and full of plot holes and why do all teenage drama/comedies have to involve an older woman sleeping with an underage kid?  Or an older man? I don't know.  But I LOVE IT!

Self Magazine and US Weekly -  I'm grouping these together although they are very different.  ALL magazines are my guilty pleasure.  But,  I don't feel nearly as bad about reading those as I do Self and Us WeeklySelf is full of tips for living a happy, healthy and carefree life!  Which is not a life I lead 100% of the time, but a life that I certainly strive for... 10% of the time.  If it helps, I think of it at least 30% of the time!  I eat that magazine up - every arm workout, every moment of zen, every make-up tip and even when they tell me that everything I do is wrong - I eat that shit up!  And Us Weekly, I don't think I have to even go there.  While I don't love celebrity gossip all that much - I appreciate Us Weekly for what it is - a classy, trashy, girly magazine.  (Other related pleasures: catalogs and fashion/beauty/brand blogs.)   

Glasses paraphernalia -  That's right.  I wear glasses.  I have them tattooed on my arm.  I have a giant necklace that I hung on my wall.  And every time I see something with glasses on it - I either buy it immediately... or deeply pine for it.  Those Kate Spade glasses jewelry?  (Which more than one person posted on my Facebook wall or emailed to me.)  Those prints of animals wearing giant glasses?  The glasses dress that I bought for $250 and immediately returned out of extreme shame? Whatever it is, just trust that I want it, have bought it or returned it.  And if you're ever buying me a gift for any reason (which, don't)... odds are that I'll love something with glasses on it.   

The 1960's - It's well known that my favorite time period is the 60's.  Mostly because I listen to a lot of music from that era and watch and then talk ad nauseam about whatever season of "Mad Men" is on.  But, my love for the 60's goes beyond what is openly discussed with people.  I wish I lived in the 60's so bad that sometimes it literally hurts.  I get DEPRESSED that it is an unattainable goal - because time travel is impossible.  I wish I lived through the fashion, the music, the historical events - as it was happening.  I wish I could see Otis Redding or The Rolling Stones perform live.  Or go to a movie theatre and see the news play before the movie starts!  I wish I could go to diners and get a milkshake and do the twist in bars after work.  I wish I wish I wish!  I'm obsessed.  It's crazy sometimes.  But at least I contain it and haven't gone full-blown vintage psychopath.  Yet. 

Christmas -  I decorate early.  I listen to Christmas music early.  I look at window decorations with literal wide-eyed enthusiasm. (I actually caught my reflection of 1-800-Flowers today and got embarrassed at how goofy my smile was.)  I can listen to "Christmas Don't Be Late" by Alvin and the Chipmunks and NOT GET ANNOYED.  Everything about Christmas is my favorite and it's the only thing that still makes me feel like a kid.  That's why it starts November 1st.  And I'll always be a kid for Christmas. 

And finally, selfies.  No explanation needed.  I'm vain as fuck.  But I try not to post nearly as many as I take.  So... that's good, right?  (I'm so ashaaaaamed!) 

I guess, after all, these things don't make me feel all that guilty or weird.  They're pretty obvious parts of me!  And they're things that I love about myself.  I love watching stupid TV shows and decorating for Christmas with a shitty ABC Family movie on in the background.  I love reading magazines and listening to the "1960's" station on Spotify.  So I don't feel bad for the things that I love to do!  

But... maybe, just maybe I won't talk about it so openly.  Especially the part about how I get depressed I can't travel back in time.  Let's pretend I didn't say that... (but it's just so true!)

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