Thursday, November 14, 2013

Who's Your Favorite Singer?

The other day I had lunch with my mother after going coat shopping.  Coat shopping is pretty much an annual activity at this point and the guidelines for the perfect coat haven't changed - find me any coat that makes me sufficiently look like Paddington Bear.  I remember walking around Jordan Marsh as a child looking for the perfect coat with toggles.  This year I settled for a toggle-less coat with a lot of zippers.  And I sorted through a lot of navy options before finally settling on black.  (But no matter what, I'll always look like Paddington Bear in my heart.  Paddington Bearett.) 

Back to the point of this blog post... during lunch, I asked her "Who is your favorite singer?"  

I grew up listening to a lot of bad music (by my own choice.)  But the singers I do remember are Van Morrison, Elvis, Frank Sinatra and Patsy Cline.  My mother specifically was a fan of Patsy Cline and I think Patsy's just great.  In fact, I wonder if it's any coincidence that Patsy is the perfect combination of me and my sister's names (Patty and Betsy.)  It is a coincidence... most definitely.  

So, I'm sure you can be surprised as I am to hear my mother respond with, "Rihanna."  

RIHANNA?!?!  Rihanna?!  

I'm an old soul.  On any given day, you'll find me holed up in my room listening to the classics - Otis Redding, Etta James, Ella Fitzgerald, Louis Armstrong, Sam Cooke, Katy Perry.  So, I was shocked to hear "Rihanna" be the first person she thought of when it comes to good singing.  

Don't get me wrong - I enjoy Rihanna.  When I don't follow her on Instagram or question her relationship choices, I love her voice and catchy songs and pretty face.  But ALL TIME FAVORITE?   No way!  That's an award reserved for people like Otis, Etta and Katy. (Just kidding about Katy.  Although, let's face it, I love what that girl puts out there.)

My mother disagrees with me about Otis Redding.  And she doesn't like anybody who screams (Joan Jett.)  She also thinks the Beatles are "lame."  But she did conclude that she liked The Rolling Stones, The Beach Boys and Joni Mitchell.  So I guess she redeemed herself.  

BUT RIHANNA?!  I'm not sure I'll ever understand that one.  

Who's your favorite singer?  And how do you feel about Katy Perry?  Thank you. 

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