Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 and What's Next?!

Let's talk 2013.  And let's talk about how weird it was for me.  

Personally,  I started dating Beau (pretty much from day 1 of 2013). We went home together last New Year's Eve... so there's that.  But, despite that, I was sort of smitten with him the following day.  I honestly had an awesome time just hanging out with him all day long on January 1st.  I would have just let it be, as I normally do, but friends advised me otherwise and I went for it.  I did the chasing for the first time.  Although, it didn't take a whole lot of work ;).  We started hanging out a week or so later, and just didn't stop.  He was the first person who made it easy for me.  We unapologetically wanted to spend a bunch of time together.  It wasn't difficult or complicated, it just was.  Which is awesome.

Also, I went back to my natural hair color.  Which let me tell ya - it was a real game changer.  I loved being brunette, but not having to dye my hair all the time is great.  I like being blonde.  And I like having softer hair because there are less chemicals in it!  Woo! 

Career-wise, I did a lot of performing.  I was a part of FIVE revue shows.  I did House Teams every Tuesday.  I directed several teams.  I coached a couple of groups and did work shops for several people - which was awesome.  But the most exciting thing was directing a grad show!  In January I started teaching a level five improv class and got to know the group I was working with and they all wrote sketches and I helped them put together a sketch and improv revue in May.  It was so much fun and taught me a whole lot about putting a show together.  I think it was a really great show - especially since a lot of them had no performing experience!  My grad show in 2006 is still one of my favorite days (since it was the days before House Teams and performance opportunities) and I'm glad I got to be a part of other people's favorite day... it was certainly infectious.  

I also got the chance to work with a brand new director from The Second City in Chicago.  He actually went to Suffolk, where I went to college, and started the improv group I eventually joined, Seriously Bent.  He moved to Chicago the year I started college and when Seriously Bent went to Chicago for the first time, some of the older people on the group took us to meet him at the bar he worked at, Howl at the Moon.  It's just funny to me that we've actually met and hung out before (which he didn't remember) - and then years later he came and directed our show in Boston, after having a ton of success in Chicago!  (He directs really amazing shows at The Second City and has even directed people who are currently on "SNL".)  He has a reputation of being unfriendly and scary to work with - but working with him was like a crash course in comedy.  I learned so much about creating a show, sketch writing, utilizing everyone's talents (and time) and getting the best from people.  He actually ended up being super friendly, but very professional.  Which, honestly, we all really needed.  It was an awesome experience and that revue is one of the BEST I've ever performed in.  

I also started doing a lot more freelance copywriting work (mostly for IA) and had an article published on Thought Catalog that did pretty well!  It was trending and got a lot of buzz on the internet from other bloggers I follow and admire.  Also, I just realized they published the other one I submitted but never told me.  So... cool!  

All that is awesome and great - but let me tell you the weird part - this was one of the most stressful years of my life.  How!? I really don't know.  I had my dream job and fell in love and everything was great - but it was also the year I battled with anxiety, depression and FEAR of getting older.  Seriously!  It is always on my mind.  I had to make the decision to move - which, again, is great - but it was a really hard decision to realize and make.  It made me realize that I'm getting older.  I'm 27, which is still young, but there's less time to make dumb mistakes.  I have to start really focusing on what I want to do and how I'm going to get there.  I have to apply myself and fucking GET IT.  And that's not the easiest thing for me - because... things usually come pretty easy for me, especially since I live so close to home.   

I also struggled a lot with negativity.  It was surrounding me and dragging me down and most days, left me feeling pretty sad and uncomfortable.  I began constantly wondering what other people thought about me and if that wasn't enough, I was constantly putting myself down.  It wasn't so easy being in an environment that isn't always the most supportive and having close friends who always kinda sorta talk shit about each other.  But, at the end of the day (or, well, year) I realize that it's all people's own insecurities that cause them to be so negative.  It's all in my control.  I could be less negative and I could drown out the negativity and surround myself with people who make me happy.  So, that's my goal.  

I didn't take care of myself as much as I would have liked in 2013.  I let anxiety and depression overwhelm me and take total control.  There were a lot of sleepless nights and the lack of motivation to get out of bed in the morning.  I worked out less and ate poorly and was sick all the time.  I also constantly compared myself to others when I was already feeling pretty low.  Not cool.  I plan on taking care of myself better in 2014.  Whatever that means.  Making time to do yoga, taking breaks when I need to, eating vegetables instead of pizza... sometimes and drinking more mimosas!  Vitamin C, bitch!  

So, 2013, you were weird.  You were awesome, amazing, terrible (like that time the Boston Marathon was bombed by two dumb terrorists and shut the entire city down for a day while they were looking for one of said terrorists) and a huge learning experience.  I learned so much about performing, comedy, my career path, relationships and... just life in general.  I'm excited to see what 2014 has to bring!  And I'm excited to take all the right steps in making it a really great time.  

Also, here are some great pictures from this year that I found in my phone. :) 

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