Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Laundry Day

2013 was a big year for me because it was the year I started doing my own laundry.  

I know, thank you for applauding me!  I was 26 when I started doing my own laundry!  But I had a good reason to not do it myself!  First of all, laundromats scared me.  And second of all, my mom did it.  So... there.  

The other day I was in the laundromat (all by myself... because they don't scare me anymore) and there was a professional young woman across from me in the seating area.  I could tell she was a professional, because she had grey dress pants on and a button down shirt tucked into them.  I thought, "Man, look at me.  I'm in leggings and a hoodie and I have a hat on to cover my greasy hair and this woman is in her work clothes and she brought a bottle of Shout in her laundry bag and is spraying stains and she has control of her life!"  

I don't know why I chose to compare myself to that woman.  I had a leather jacket on!  Leather jackets mean you are IN control of your life even when you're in leggings!  I'm not a working professional and I chose that way of life, so why do I care?  I don't need to bring bottles of Shout to the laundromat!  Aren't detergent pods enough?!  

Then something funny happened.  The young professional woman, who was working on her laptop and had her OWN WiFi device, looked across at me, who was texting on her phone and reading blogs on her iPad, and said, "Your nails look so nice.  Mine are all gross and peeled off."  

Wait, you're looking at me and complimenting me on how PUT TOGETHER I am?  (I mean, sure, she was only talking about my nails, but still.)  

I thanked her and said something self-deprecating about how it's only because it was a gel manicure and if it wasn't, they'd be all shitty.  And then she said, "I feel like a total mess today.  I accidentally slept for 13 hours.  I woke up feeling so guilty because I had so much work to get done."  

And then I ended up convincing this woman that she was just fine and that she'd catch up on all her work and that it didn't matter that she had overslept and maybe her body just needed it and there was multi-tasking and being super productive and that's all that matters!  

I taught myself a lesson there.  Not only did my pep talk make myself feel better (because I also overslept and wished I hadn't) but I learned that comparing yourself to people is for the birds.  I initially looked at her thinking she had it all figured out and then moments later she needed to be cheered up by a complete stranger (with greasy hair) in a laundromat.  None of us have it all figured out.  And that's a good thing, because at the end of the day... at least we're all in it together.  We're all fucked up... together! 

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