Friday, January 3, 2014

My Mini Break

Oh my - it's January 3rd! 

I haven't left the house since a little past midnight on January 1st... which means I have been indoors (and pretty much IN BED) for two straight days.  That's not usually the type of thing I do because of anxiety and cabin fever-ness... but I was sick and I figured I needed the break.  Plus, there was a snow storm that cancelled shows last night, so I figured it was a sign that I needed more time! 

And what a time it was!  Aside from a few Instagram/Facebook/Twitter browsings, I pretty much stayed off the internet the whole time.  I never let my blog roll go unattended, but when I logged on today there were over 100 posts waiting to be read.  I pretty much did nothing but sleep, watch "30 Rock", nap and watch movies.  I watched Lars and the Real Girl, Walk The Line, Four Christmases and Paul.  It was the first time I had seen Walk the Line and I really loved it and now I envision myself going through a serious Johnny Cash phase (good thing I got the album on vinyl for Christmas!) (As a present for someone else, but whatever.)  

I kind of like getting sick. Of course, I feel horrible, especially this time because it was a chest cold so it was a lot of wheezing and coughing and my body is pretty sore from that.  I also had whooping cough when I was a teenager, so I feel like it still comes back to attack me every now and then.  But when I get sick I get a little excited because it forces me to take a break.  It forces me to listen to my body and just take a step back and STOP FUCKING MOVING. But, maybe I only feel that way this time because it came at the perfect time where I had two days off! 

Now I should probably go clean my room.  And throw out my Christmas tree.  And clean my sheets, because I may have accidentally spilled maple syrup on them this morning while eating french toast in bed.  SHUT UP, I'M SICK.

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