Friday, January 10, 2014

Silly Resolutions for 2014.

In addition to real, beautifully planned out New Year's resolutions, I want to make a few that are silly and just for me.  I may not follow through with them, I may not even think of them again after posting this, but they were things I kinda/sorta considered doing in 2014. 

1. Familiarize myself with / enjoy eggs.  I don't like eggs.  I don't eat them.  I don't understand them.  But people LOVE them.  They eat them every day!  They put them on everything (like soups! and PASTAS?!?!)  I have just never liked them.  I tried them a couple of times in different situations - an omelet, a sandwich, just sitting there on a plate - and I don't know if it was just because of my strange relationship with them, but I didn't enjoy the experience.  This year, I'd like to try to change that.  They're so good for you and they're also very easy to make.  I like both of those things.  Plus, egg sandwiches look so delicious - and I'd like to order one at a bagel shop (I think they're considered coffee shops, but whatever) and not feel stupid for asking for an egg sandwich without the egg.  (Basically making it a bacon and cheese sandwich, which let's face it - is delicious.) 

2. Watch a couple of new television shows.  I literally watch the SAME shows every single week / day.  I go through phases... of the same shows.  At the top of my "Recently Watched" section of Netflix, you will always find "How I Met Your Mother", "30 Rock", "Arrested Development" and "Parks and Recreation".  All of which I have seen dozens of time.  DOZENS! In fact, I've probably seen "Arrested Development" hundreds of times at this point.  This year, I'd like to watch the shows I've been putting off.  "Scandal" or "Revenge" and maybe, just maybe, I'll actually finish "Breaking Bad."  

3. Try a couple new at-home work out plans.  Should I be leaving my apartment and/or house and going to classes and socializing and putting myself out there and learning how to do things professionally?  Sure.  But realistically, I won't.  Especially in LA where people are more beautiful than in Boston, or something.  I've stuck with the same yoga/pilates DVD for the past few years (Crunch gym's "Ellen Barrett"... and no, I didn't just pick it for her last name) and I think it's time to branch out.  But let me get real with you - I've heard enough shitty things about Jillian Michaels real-life personality to stay away from her. 

4. Build a bar.  Since I'll have my own apartment in a brand new city, I want to build my own bar.  I want to come home and pour myself whatever drink I want.  And like I stocked my record collection, I want to slowly-but-surely stock my liquor collection.  I'll buy a new liquor and accoutrement a month.  Bitters?  Mixers?  Let's build it.  I'm going to have so many cool cocktail parties (where I only serve wine... because I'm lazy.) 

5. Thrift shop.  You're probably thinking, "Hipster."  With my home bar and thrift store clothing!  But honestly, it's not for hipster reasons.  It's because I want to spend less on clothes, but I want to still feel the satisfaction of buying something new.  You can relate, right?  I fucking love wearing new outfits.  And if I have to feel that feeling by adding people's old clothing to my wardrobe, then so be it.  Call me a hipster... I will wear that title awkwardly and proud!  Like I wear everything else!  

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