Friday, February 21, 2014

In Defense of Records

I collect records.  Records can be a little pretentious, I agree, but there is something so fun about slowly building a collection.  When buying music on iTunes, you can download pretty much as much as you want for pretty cheap.  On Spotify, you have access to almost everything you want.  Pandora is free.  Music is so much more attainable now, which is AWESOME!  But because of that, I find myself listening to the same stuff over and over because there are just TOO many options.  

With records, I have to invest in the music.  I can't just buy Katy Perry or Beyonce because it came out and I'm curious.  (Which of course I did buy both of those albums on iTunes.)  Records are expensive!  I try to buy only one a month because it would be crazy to spend $100 on 3-4 albums.  And even better, when you find cheap albums (via Ebay or thrift stores) it's so much fun!  Finding Gladys Knight and the Pips for $1 felt like striking gold!  And albums make really pretty artwork.  Even if, in my case, I just hang up Steve Martin's album. Because he's awesome.

And it's not even money you're investing, you're also investing your time.  Music is such a background thing for me, something I throw on while commuting, doing work, etc.  But when listening to records, you actually listen to the music.  You have to because at some point in the next ten minutes or so you're going to have to get up and flip that record over.  It's fun and super relaxing to just chill for a second and actually listen to what you're putting on/what you felt was important enough to invest in.  For me, that's a lot of Sam Cooke and Otis Redding.  But hey, that's just a great time for me. 

So I think everyone should go out and buy a record or two.  Oh, and a record player.  You'll need that.  Or hey! What if we all got back into CD's? I would love to re-buy "Crazy Sexy Cool" and discover it all over again via compact disc.  

Also, yes, that is currently my record player corner.  I just moved!  GIVE ME A BREAK.

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