Thursday, February 13, 2014

My Funny Galentine's

Some people pride themselves on being "lucky in love."  They've had a string of great relationships and they've just been so fulfilled in that department for their whole lives!  My love life, on the other hand, has had its ups and downs.  While I love and adore most of the men I've met in my life, the relationships I had with them left something to be desired.  However... I have been lucky in friends!  Lady friends, to be exact. 

One of my first best friends, Ashley, is someone I met in a stairwell when I was four years old.  I actually still remember the moment I met her.  I was in line to get into my afternoon session Kindergarten class.  She was in first grade.  She walked by me in the hall and said, "You're Marirose's friend!"  Yes, I was.  Marirose was my best friend and neighbor at the time.  Eventually, Ashley ended up staying back and we were in first grade together and we were best friends.  We're still close to this day, in fact I recently went to her baby shower... for the baby she just had!  She is the longest friendship I've ever had, well over twenty years at this point.  It's cool, after all of these years, to have someone who has literally seen you through everything.  She was there for all the awkward and weird phases in my life.   So next time I tell people I was shy growing up and nobody believes me, well I have someone who can vouch for me!  

That was just the start of a life-long adventure in great friends.  I've met really wonderful people that I treasure.  And I'm only reflecting on it because it's Galentine's Day today (according to "Parks and Recreation" and a tradition I've held with my close friends over the past four years or so.)  But, my female friendships are very important to me.  I tend to be close with a lot of men... in fact, most of my friends in California are men!  I love and appreciate them... but god damnit, sometimes it's just real nice to hang out with ladies.  

On Monday night, I got to hang out with Erin and Kelsey, ladies that I met in Boston who are now living in Los Angeles, too.  I was so giddy and happy the whole time.  We gossiped about the hot news, vented about our frustrations and talked about our goals and dreams while sipping sangria and eating tiny tacos.  It was awesome feeling comfortable in my new city with my old friends who got me.  I feel the same about the boys, but there are just some things I can't go to them for.  Like sangria and tiny tacos.  

In Boston, my closest friends from home were just a phone call or short drive away.  I'd call Jess, Janine, Kathy or Savage all the time to get away from the "drama" and sing Christina Aguilera in the car on the way to go outlet shopping and Cheesecake Factory dining.  I'd sit in the dressing room for seemingly hours while Jess tried on various items of clothing, I'd bitch about boys to Janine while eating ice cream and I'd share Facebook drama with Savage about people we went to high school with.  I had a group of girls that I could be a girl with.  

And then, when I didn't feel like that anymore, I had Kelly.  Doing the same job as me, in the same world as me, sharing the same frustrations with me, talking about glasses and tattoos with me and knowing when to stop talking about bullshit and just laugh.  I had Kiley, who lived with me, and had been through nearly everything I'd been through.  She helped guide me in the right direction and stood up for me and cried with me when things were shitty.  And Mary, who complains with me and supports me and who I got to guide through things I'd been through and who goes to fancy dinners with me or does crafts or talks about hair and blogs and just feels comfortable being herself with me and vice versa.

There's a whole lot of other people, but the point is:  I'm lucky.  I'm lucky in lady love.  Female friendships aren't hard to find... mine weren't.  But, in my opinion, they're hard, but important, to hold on to.  And I'm happy I have them!  Because while men might be easier to hang out with sometimes... it's OK to want to sit back and be a god damn girl.  It's OK to fight and compete and do shitty things and realize your mistakes and gossip and talk about boys and sex and love and ALL THE DUMB THINGS THAT MAKE BEING GIRLS SO FUN. 

So, ladies in my life, thank you.  Thank you for being my friend (your heart is true, you're a pal and a confidant.)  And thanks for being a girl with me.  Thanks for letting me send you pictures of tattoos I want, or cute puppies, or dishing about the latest gossip, or yelling at boys for me and hating them too when I hate them, or coming with me to scary appointments, or letting me vent, or actually debating with me the pros and cons of hair color changes, or shopping for hours with me, or responding to my texts that ask if I should buy something, or validating my crazy thoughts and heightening on them, or just... everything.  Here's to the ladies who lunch.

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